Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

Christwood’s mission is to help Seniors live with dignity, independence, and assurance of needed physical, spiritual, and medical care. Christwood will also foster, sponsor, organize, develop, and participate in other activities of a charitable, educational, or scientific nature compatible with its Mission.

From its inception, this statement has been the gold standard by which the Christwood Board and management have tried to use in decision making.  It continues to guide our decision making during this challenging time.

The challenge, of course is how do we return to a more sustainable way of life while continuing to provide the environment that services the mission.  We know more than we did, but we still do not know what we don’t know, so things will continue to unfold.

For Christwood, we continue to follow the phased re-entry and the orders governing long-term licensed senior care communities.  We are engaging in some activities and options that we believe fit into the guidelines and can be safely opened to our residents:

  • The Lotus Spa is taking appointments for residents on a limited availability basis for hair cutting and styling.
  • Residents can make salon appointments with licensed salons following the Board of Cosmetology requirements and can make appointments with our Transportation Department to get there. With our providing transportation to and from those appointments, no isolation is required.
  • Independent residents can visit with family and friends in areas behind the front gate Guard Station for limited, specific visits. Physical distancing is enforced. Health Center residents fall within other guidelines and visits are permitted with families remaining in their cars.
  • Anselm’s will be providing communion from the Reserved Sacrament at 10:00am on Thursday morning under the porte-cochere at the front entrance. Episcopal Service via Zoom is on Tuesday at 11:00am.
  • The bus trips to the Solomon Center have been well received and folks report having enjoyed them. It’s an excursion at least, and a safe one at that.  We’ll keep scheduling them as long as people are interested, and maybe find other safe places to go.
  • Breakfasts can now be picked up. Grab and go al fresco dining starts this week on the patio behind the Harvest and Garden Rooms. Deliveries are still available for those wanting it.
  • Mail is continuing to be posted in the mail boxed, just like before.
  • Balance classes will resume soon with limited number for each in-person class.
  • Dog grooming appointments for an on-site groomer have been scheduled.
  • The Beehive remains available for orders and pick up at the window.
  • Wellness groups for discussion are being held.
  • Court meetings are scheduled this week for residents to meet with Steve Holzhalb. All meetings will be limited to ten people and held for one hour.  The purpose of the meetings will be to try to answer questions residents have and to listen to concerns and suggestions from residents.
  • In interest of trying to expand and enhance communications we are able shortly to offer subscriptions to a new feature for our Touchtown system. This service will give off campus subscribers their own personal access to relevant Touchtown information either from their smart phone app or via the internet. This feature will also enable Christwood to notify subscribers of any urgent and/or important information in a direct way as our One Call now allows. This service will allow residents’ families the ability to follow the calendar and get other notices in a timely manner.  More information will be coming out soon as to how to subscribe.
  • Wearing of masks, hand washing, and physical distancing are still are standards of behavior expected of all residents and staff.

We believe these are life quality steps and in accord with our safe return regime abiding by the Phase I, II, and III requirements.


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