A Coronavirus Update – Christwood Foundation

The Christwood Foundation has established the COVID-19 Support Fund, for those who wish to show appreciation for our Christwood family during this pandemic. Two needs that we have already committed  to help support are “Mask Force 2020” (purchasing fabric and supplies for protective masks being sewn by residents) and complimentary meals being served daily to all staff, to help ease their financial burden and to say “thank you” every day as they come back to the campus to care for our residents. Other Christwood needs and opportunities related to the pandemic, yet to be identified, may also call for our help in the weeks and months ahead.

If you would like to join in supporting this effort, you may give to the COVID-19 Support Fund, via cash or check payable to the Christwood Foundation or you can give by clicking HERE. Together, we’re stepping up and standing strong!

If you have questions or ideas, please call Jennifer Voisin, Christwood Foundation Specialist, at 318-550-7693 or Ray Rabidoux, Christwood Foundation Executive Director, at 985-867-6023.

In the meantime, be patient, stay vigilant and stay well!

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