Memory Care in Covington, LA

Bridging the Gap with Memory Care

If someone you love is experiencing cognitive decline, Christwood offers Longleaf Cognitive Care, a separate assisted living residence that promotes independence, eases worries and helps makes life more comfortable for individuals coping with the challenges of a memory disorder.

Longleaf is built on a foundation of experience and advanced scientific thinking. We consulted with Dr. Jeffrey Keller of Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center to ensure we’re offering the latest innovations in memory care and support.

Longleaf’s intimate size, secure setting and private suites create a sense of comfort and privacy while welcoming gathering spaces, cultural and educational programs, exercise classes and social opportunities enhance residents’ well-being.

Services & Amenities

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Longleaf Direct Line: 985-292-1217

Skilled Care

Whether you’re with us for a short recovery or a longer stay, the Health Center at Christwood offers the best care in Covington.

Skilled Care


Experienced therapists and caregivers, state-of-the-art treatments and our person-centered approach come together to help you feel better fast.


Assisted Living

Enjoy the best of all worlds with a private apartment, resort-like amenities, and supportive services that enhance your independence.

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