About Christwood Companion Services

Christwood Companion Services is a new and innovative “in home” and “social and wellness” division of Christwood, the Northshore’s premier retirement community. We offer a unique combination of “in home” and “on campus” wellness care and community-based social services to non Christwood residents 55 years of age or older.

No membership fees. No applications. Simply á la carte services when you need them.

Through Christwood Companion Services, you can count on reliability, courtesy, and fair pricing.

With our senior citizens population continuing to grow, the need for reliable assistance will continue to grow as well, on and off campus. Christwood’s staff is rigorously vetted through background checks, reference checks, drug tests, etc.

Call (985) 292-1221 to learn more about Christwood Companion Services

Companion Services

We realize that many seniors wish to age in place—to remain in their own home as long as possible staying connected to the people and places they love. Aging, however, presents several challenges for people who want to remain independent. That’s where Christwood Companion Services becomes valuable. Having compassionate service providers come into the home to aid with everyday tasks, home maintenance, housekeeping and professional services can help a loved one remain independent for the long haul.

Companion Services/Dementia Care
Personal Assistant

On Campus Services

Lifestyle/Social/Wellness Care

Community Center

You can swim, exercise, eat healthy and pamper yourself at our spectacular Community Center. And, membership is open to the general public, age 55+.

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Health Services

At Christwood, we make tomorrow more secure by ensuring you have easy access to exceptional care and support whenever you need it.

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What can we do for you?

Have a question? Need a brochure? Let us know! Call us at (985) 292-1221 or use this form to send us an email.

You can also request our free Christwood Companion Services brochure that will help you learn more about the services we offer. Request yours today.

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