Meet Christwood Residents

Gail Grob

“I always knew I wanted to move to a Life Plan Community,” states Gail. “My mother and her sisters lived in a Life Plan Community in Mississippi. And now my sister lives there. Originally, I was not going to move to Christwood,” says Gail. ”But there are so many benefits here. I work out with Nikki the personal trainer at the Community Center and enjoy the gym. I have found it very easy to connect with people here. If you want to be social, you can be. We get together in different apartments in the evenings for a glass of wine.” Gail’s home highlights her love of art. She has an extensive collection of original art from local artists such as Bill Hemmerling, Micholapolis and intricate bird carvings that her husband created. She first started collecting with her husband.

Gail is an active volunteer and joined the Christwood Newspaper team during COVID. She also participates with the “Fold & Stuff” Club on Fridays and also serves on the Christwood Resident Council. Gail is involved with friends both on and off campus. She is planning a trip to California with friends next month.

Allen and Myralyn Gibbs

“We did not know ONE person before we moved into Christwood”, Myralynn Gibbs says. However, the first evening they went to dinner in the Harvest Room, they remember someone calling out to them. “Ya’ll are the new couple- come over and have dinner with us.” This was the beginning of many new friendships for the Gibb’s. Myralynn recalls right after moving in there was a Lucky Dog Concert outside, by the Gazebo, they started dancing with Bob & Jeannie Martin and have been dancing ever since! Myralynn and Jeannie now oversee a weekly line dancing class in the Community Center. Allen recalls it took about one year for him to realize, “I don’t have to worry about maintenance and the things I used to be responsible for at home. I can spend my day doing whatever I enjoy.” They both exercise, take the Strong Bodies Classes and enjoy utilizing the equipment in the gym.

Myralynn and Allen share a love of music, “We have gone to Jazz Fest for 25 years and try to never miss it.” Their apartment features many of their favorite Jazz Fest posters. The Gibbs’ other hobbies include Road Scholar Trips and gardening. The lovely flowers around their patio attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Before retirement, Myralynn and Allen operated a manufacturer’s representative business, selling environmental instruments.

Charles and Dannie Goodwin

“Socialization is one of the reasons we made the move to Christwood”, says Dannie Goodwin. After enduring the lengthy COVID season and being without activities, Christwood offered them the opportunity to make new friends and continue with the activities that they enjoy. Dannie enjoys playing cards and even started a new card group on Friday afternoons. Charles is a retired entrepreneur having owned his own alarm company and later a cabinet company. Dannie was a realtor/broker and branch manager for Latter&Blum. The two later owned and operated Beaver Lake Cottages, a group of luxurious lakeside cottages outside of Eureka Springs, ARK.

In addition to maintaining an active social life, Charles and Dannie have connected with their neighbors and enjoy warm conversations during happy hour in the evenings. Their small poodle “Gigi” has also made the transition with the greatest of ease.


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