Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

The very best advice I can give, and I am not reluctant in giving it concerning the virus, is:


If each one of us were to act that way, we would have a better chance of avoiding giving it or catching it. If you assume I’ve got it and I assume you’ve got it, maybe neither of us will get it.

The virus is subtle and indiscriminate. It is a stealth enemy who really cannot be easily noticed. Everything seems normal and we yearn for getting back to normal; but it’s a quiet, innovative enemy that depends on us for its life and growth. It can’t exist without us. We give it its power and ability to grow and travel to stay alive. And we forget and with good intentions let down our guard, and wham we’ve got it. It catches us unaware.

Some of the latest recommendations is to wash one’s masks regularly and often. They can be washed in one’s regular laundry. And if you have one, which you should, wear it. Your life may depend on it.

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