Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

The Army calls it “Tactical Dispersal.”  I like that…we’ve been calling it Physical Distancing.  I like that too.  Many call it Social Distancing; I don’t like that and have tried hard not to use it.  It all means the same thing, though.  The virus is transmitted person to person; we are its legs and means of getting it from one place to another.  This is especially important to know and practice as we prepare to go out into the world.

One of the “takeaways” for me in this is the continued need to be vigilant and careful beyond any of our imaginings.  What is crucial is that we understand that we must be as careful as possible in the wearing of masks, physical distancing, and personal hygiene, which we believe our staff is doing well.  And yet…

Now that the Governor’s proclamation has moved us into Phase II:

  • Independent residents will be allowed to go and come without quarantine upon their return.
  • Everyone leaving the campus will be asked to sign that they have received the notice of recommended protocols for activity off campus.
  • Family members of independent residents will be allowed to pick up residents at either the Premier Building porte-cochere or the Atrium porte-cochere. Court pick-up and drop-off will not be available for the time being.  Family members will need to be screened at the gate and cannot get out of their vehicles to enter the building.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on campus except as outlined above, and for particular special circumstances with prior approval. Health Center family visits are being scheduled, and family members will be asked to stay in their cars.
  • The opening of the Harvest Room for dine-in services has been postponed, we believe the cautious approach makes the most sense.
  • Independent residents who desire to remain “cordoned” off from the outside and the rest of the community by staying more isolated in their apartments will be supported with services.
  • Screening at the one point of entry (Brewster Road Gate) will continue for everyone coming on campus.
  • Resident use of the Community Center, pool and exercise equipment will be available on MWF during the same hours. Community Center members may use the Center on TTHS by appointment. This platoon system keeps outside members from contact with Christwood residents who use the Community Center.

Be aware that as we go forward, we may have to re-trench either by state mandate, guidelines for communities such as ours, or for practical concerns in keeping any instance of the virus out of the community.

As we have recently celebrated D Day, I am inclined to say THANK YOU for those who participated in D Day and to encourage us all to remain grateful for what we have received from them, and others who sacrificed, as we struggle to honor and enhance the liberties so many fought for and passes to us as our inheritance.

On a local front, congratulations to the staff on Skilled Nursing who received another deficiency free survey this week! Great job, and many thanks.


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