Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that for Christwood we are on a path of having to learn to live with COVID-19, at least for a while. My reading of the broad, anecdotal indicators are that we are going to have to find ways to accommodate the virus at least until a vaccine is developed. Best estimates from Dr. Fauci are by year’s end or the first quarter of next year. He’s “guardedly optimistic” that there are several promising avenues toward development of a vaccine.

In a recent news conference, Governor Edwards related having been asked, “Do you think the virus will return in the fall?” His response was, “It hasn’t gone away.” That’s where we are, I think, with many people thinking the virus has gone away. It hasn’t, and the national and some regional numbers are showing it. Remember, however, one of the real culprits with this virus is the asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic carriers.

I’ve been asked to clarify the visitation protocols for independent residents:

  • Residents may leave campus and return without restriction, just as in the days before COVID-19. We ask that residents follow all the safety protocols outlined in our distribution guidelines. BE SAFE! (Three Ws) Wash Your Hands, Wear Your Mask and Watch Your Distance
  • If you plan to be off campus overnight, notify us so that we know for the morning check in…just as before.
  • Residents who have family wanting to visit may do so as follows:
  • Make an appointment for a scheduled time to visit at the Community Center.
  • Make plans to have your family meet you at the Premier Building porte-cochere or the Atrium porte-cochere to take you off campus for a visit. Family members are not allowed visits on campus other than specified above. We are not allowing any but essential visitors on campus. Please make it clear to your family and friends that you may visit with them off campus.  On campus visits are not allowed.
  • Court entrances are not to be used for pick-up and delivery…only the porte-cocheres as noted.

Health Center residents are still under Phase II guidelines for vulnerable populations and family visits are limited to drive in visits by appointment.

Aside: Prayers continue for and by our community. Given my training, orientation, and experience, I believe that to be a great thing. The Prayer Catcher in the Garden Room serves as a sign of a few of the prayers being offered in intercession and thanksgiving. Remember to tie a ribbon to signify yours.

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