Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

One epidemiologist I recently read uses the metaphor of a forest fire instead of a mountain range or an ocean to describe what we’re facing with the virus. By whatever metaphor, we can be assured that with the rising statistics sweeping many parts of the country, we are perhaps more than ever called upon to be smart about our personal behavior. Careful, deliberate awareness will help each of us stay as well as we can.

Everyone will have to find a comfort level balancing social need and satisfaction with a risk of safe practices for smart living. Dr. Fauci has opined that we will have a vaccine, it’s a matter of when, not if. Until then we will have to learn to accommodate living that maximizes our health in all regards.

Christwood will continue to try to support individual choices to the extent we can while setting forth guidelines that we feel are incumbent for every member of the community to follow. We continue to appreciate suggestions and ideas to continue improving our common life, even if we cannot put all of them into practice.

The risks are there; however, with greater exposure in the “outside” world, the greater the risks. We are encouraging safeguards when leaving the campus and allowing only essential registered visitors in the buildings. On-campus family visits continue through appointments.

As mandated by the appropriate authorities, we report tests and results to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Louisiana Office of Public Health, and the Louisiana Department of Health.

The virus is still present, still a threat to our wellbeing, and requires us to continue to exercise great caution. It doesn’t mean that we have to isolate, though some may want to restrict their excursions, but it does mean that taking care of ourselves must be a conscious, intentional way of life.

As we incline to an accommodating mindset for the duration until a vaccine is developed, it will be incumbent on us to be as aware and smart as we can be. Social and physical contact is important to our health. The enduring, accommodating mind set will help us as we travel this journey together.

Stay well and stay safe.



“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out that they’ve got a second.”

William James

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