Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

The new case counts reported for Louisiana this week are increasing to a horrific number that puts us in a rather major league of elites.  Unfortunately, that is so!  The burden is placed on all of us.  While there has been a major shift from those 65 years and over becoming sick with COVID-19, to those 35 years and younger, the effect of the escalating number of cases affects us as well.  Life on the campus seems not too bad to me, and I get to go and come, but life outside the campus can be intimidating at least and difficult to negotiate.  Making use of the assets of the campus can at least help mitigate the deprivation of not having free access to all the places we had previously.

In the meantime, as we transition more and more to long-term thinking for living with the virus being among us, we continue to try to establish some routines and protocols reasonable in risk while adding quality to our corporate life.

Some of them:

  • Communion and worship as offered by St. Anselm’s and Christ Church
  • Flower arranging by video
  • Wine Club by reservation
  • Memoir writing by residents (I’m learning so much!)
  • Pop up Dining events: Today’s Pop up “Mask”—erade
  • Trips to the Solomon Center · Home at Christwood with Bob & Jan
  • Wonders of Touchtown class
  • Knit Wits
  • Enjoyment of the grounds in their considerable beauty
  • Use of the Community Center pool and exercise equipment by appointment
  • Off campus excursions at will of the residents


We do not see at present changing our protocols at Christwood; but will follow the advisories and directives as closely as we can. It seems to me part of the challenge is that we need surgical skills with a scalpel’s precision but have only the blunt instruments of hygiene, distancing, and masking under mixed messages and a variety of opinions. We’ll make the most informed decisions we can.


Under the “life goes on” category, many thanks to the Christwood beekeepers who have just harvested the most recent batch of honey. It’s a labor of love for this group and we appreciate Richard Kilgore for starting us and guiding us along this road. Another year or two and it will be a Christwood tradition! Best beekeeping kudos to Ken and his team Lester, Paul and Michael for their after-hours extra attention.


Most of us have been through sufficiently hard times to know that good arises out of them if we can be aware of good that’s there.  Recognizing the transformation often comes slowly and hesitantly; but keen eyes and ears to recognize its presence brings great rewards.  I pray that this is a transformational time from which we will gain much good.

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