Coronavirus Update – from our Executive Officer

Resident cooperation has been truly extraordinary, and we all appreciate it. These troublesome times will yield to a brighter future, but we’re not there yet. By all reliable accounts we have a long way to go before “flattening the curve” as the health care authorities are saying.

Fortunately, Christwood thus far, has had only the experience of inconvenience and the uncertainties of the larger community. We have step by step seen new restrictions and guidance imposed on us as the numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 have risen in our area. But our campus has not experienced any cases of the virus. We are grateful and truly hope against hope that it will remain that way. Should that change, we will notify you of appropriate safeguards and measures that should be taken. Our on-going highest priority and goal is to keep residents and staff safe, secure, and healthy. All of our decisions and procedures, however inconvenient, are in service to that end.

Temperature and Pulse Ox checks are being conducted on a daily basis for every person entering our campus and for every resident throughout the community. We are asking residents and staff to self-report if anything changes in the way of one’s healthy well-being.

Physical distancing continues to be the order of the day. Stay apart…six feet. Wash your hands and don’t put them where they should not be, i.e. on your face, in another hand, or on a contaminated surface. At the same time, it’s important that we stay connected as a community and don’t isolate emotionally and spiritually. Our new in house newsletter Christwood Today offers great choices and helps keep us informed. Our staff members are being kept “in the know” with frequent updates to our staff portal/intranet.

Housekeeping and Maintenance schedules are being changed. Housekeepers will be redeployed to keep commons areas clean and limiting their apartment cleaning to once per month. This protocol will remain until it can be appropriately changed. We intend to keep services as near normal as we can but know that continuing adjustments will have to be made as the situation warrants.

Staff Deployment is important and we are strategically deploying staff in a way that they can be most efficient for the overall benefit of the community. Many who can do so, will be working from home.

I believe we will be introducing additional protocols and procedures as we adapt to the situation, new information and best practices. We’ll keep you apprised as we move forward, and we continue to thank you for your cooperation.


Behave like you’ve got it (COVID-19), so you don’t give it

Behave like you don’t have it (COVID-19), so you don’t get it

Remember to let us know if you feel unwell…we always want to know and will always try to take appropriate action…now as much as ever!

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