The Dining Options at Christwood: Fresh, Flexible and Oh, So Delicious!

Good food is one of life’s simple pleasures — especially when someone else prepares it for you. We’ll admit that most people probably don’t think of fine dining when it comes to the food in senior living communities. But if they had the opportunity to sample the cuisine at Christwood, we bet they’d change their minds!

Here in the Bayou Country, food provides the foundation for just about any celebration, large or small. It’s simply part of our culture. We honor this heritage at Christwood, where you can always find a reason to celebrate if you want to.

How do we honor the heritage of joyful feasting, you ask? With menu items made with fresh, local ingredients and expertly prepared by a culinary staff that cares. If you’re hungry for an exceptional eating experience, that’s exactly what we’re serving at Christwood.


Elevating Expectations for ‘Senior Living Food’

Forget about bland, boring entrées and mushy side dishes. That might be what you’d expect to find in a dining room at some retirement communities, but here at Christwood, we’re all about fresh food that bursts with flavor.

We’ve cultivated relationships with several local vendors, such as Covey Rise Farms, near Husser, to ensure access to a wide variety of fresh produce. Our menus change every six weeks to take advantage of seasonal specialties.

chef prepping food in the kitchen

So, what’s popular among the residents at Christwood? According to Jason Wellbaecher, our Director of Food and Beverage, the entrées they seem to enjoy most are prime rib, rack of lamb and our grilled veal chop.

“Resident input is very important to us,” Jason said. “Some requests we’ve received from residents have become classic favorite menu items. We also do pop-up dining events from time to time, with small plates that could be anything from small fresh tacos to gourmet cuisine options. It’s a good way to see what else they might like.”

Here in Louisiana, no menu would be complete without regional favorites such as grits and grillades, gumbo and red beans with grilled sausage. A favorite choice among those who are hungry for a really healthy meal is our baked salmon served with brown rice and a crisp garden-fresh salad made with some of that mouth-watering local produce we mentioned earlier.

And, naturally, we have our own chef’s specials, such as Maw Maw’s potato salad and fried chicken, as well as our in-house pastry chef’s delectable desserts and other sweet treats.

Breakfast is always complimentary here at Christwood, and it goes well beyond the continental fare you’ll find at many senior living communities. Along with homemade muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt, juice and coffee, we also offer hot food selections such as oatmeal, grits and breakfast casseroles.


It’s All Here, From Casual to Elegant to a Quick Pick-up

The variety of dining options at Christwood makes it easy to please all appetites. In the mood for a gourmet meal? Head for the Harvest Room. A special themed dinner? You’ll find it at the Atrium Café. A healthy (yet flavorful!) soup, salad or sandwich after a fitness

class? Stop by the Forever Fit Kitchen in the Christwood Community Center.

Those who enjoy having a drink before dinner can kick back during happy hour at the Cypress Room. And the Beehive market offers a convenient selection of snacks and staples — perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth, preventing hunger pangs or picking up a missing ingredient when cooking at home.


Our Super Simple Meal ‘Plan’

Some retirement communities may tout their flexible meal programs, but ours is the ultimate in terms of being easy: Residents receive an allotment of points each month that can be used for meals at any of Christwood’s restaurants. They’re also good for happy hour at the Cypress Room, as well as catering and shopping at the Beehive.

What happens if someone uses up all of their points? They simply pay for their purchase on their account, like at a club – or with a credit card.


Come for Lunch, on Us!

Normally, you’d have to be a resident to eat in our restaurants. (The exception is our Forever Fit Kitchen, which is open to all members of Christwood Community Center and the greater Northshore community.)

But we want you to have the opportunity to explore the dining options at Christwood. That’s why we’re extending an invitation for you to come and be our guest for lunch. Just let us know you’re interested, and we’ll make the arrangements.

We also invite you to follow our page on Facebook, where we shine the spotlight on residents and the staff at Christwood. It’s a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to be part of our community.

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