I’m Not Ready Yet: Moving To A Life Plan Community


Although the vast majority of people who live in a Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, report that they are happy with their decision, there are many who delay a move indefinitely because they feel they are not ready yet. Of course, moving to a Life Plan Community like Christwood is an important decision. It requires appropriate planning and should not be rushed. Yet, delaying the decision too long could mean missing the opportunity because of declining health. A common entry requirement among Life Plan Communities is the ability to live independently, so you risk eligibility if you wait too long. Furthermore, even if your health remains good, delaying means missing out on many of the benefits and activities that such a community could provide for you in the first place.

At Christwood, it’s easy to take advantage of the many lifestyle opportunities available to you. Amenities like lifelong learning programs, different hobbies and clubs, arts and cultural events, and wellness programs keep Christwood residents active and independent. Multiple dining options with exceptional cuisine allow for flexibility and choice, so there’s always something for everyone. Plus, it’s inspiring and energizing spending time with active, interesting neighbors who share your desire to make the most of retirement.

In addition, our expansive 23,000 square foot Community Center is a hub for activities that promote health and well-being. Wellness programs, a pool, spa services, exercise equipment and creative classes provide safe and healthy opportunities for adults 55+ to practice healthy aging and whole-body wellness—with COVID-19 practices and guidelines in place to ensure safety. 

With the countless amenities and services at your fingertips at a Life Plan Community, you’re free to discover all of the possibilities for a fulfilling future. However, making the decision to move can be a difficult process. Here are a few of the most common underlying reasons for not feeling ready:

“I don’t want to leave my home.” Leaving the home where you have lived for years, if not decades, is not easy. Your own home is a familiar environment, and the memories you have built there will forever be cherished. But, these are not necessarily the best reasons to stay in your home. Over time, the idea of staying in the home often proves to be easier in theory than in practice for many older adults and their family members. For many, the security of having a 24-hour emergency call system at a Life Plan community like Christwood provides a sense of security and comfort for those what-if moments. 

“I’m still independent.” Because Life Plan Communities include assisted living and healthcare services on-site, there is a common misperception that they are long-term care facilities. However, the majority of residents in most Life Plan Communities live independently. In fact, many residents lead independent and active lifestyles for many years before ever requiring long-term care services. Yet, they also recognize that things can change unexpectedly. They want a plan in place and do not want to be a burden on their children whenever that day comes. With Life Plan, you have the freedom of a smart plan in place in case you should ever need health care services later on. Christwood’s all-inclusive Life Plan ensures a financially secure future with all of your health needs covered, included assisted living, skilled nursing care, memory care and rehabilitation services. 

“I do not want to deal with the hassles of moving.” Moving and de-cluttering isn’t easy at any age, but it will only become more difficult as you get older. If this is the main reason for your delay, then it is better to make the move now rather than later. The process of de-cluttering can even be a special time to share with adult children or other family members as you dust off old family keepsakes together. 

“I am not yet comfortable with the decision financially.” There are many resources available to help you determine whether a continuing care retirement community is a viable financial choice for you. Senior living financial calculators can help you run the numbers, taking into account factors such as entry fees, monthly fees and the cost of healthcare services. Check out Christwood’s new cost calculator resource to help you compare the costs of living at home vs. potential expenses at Christwood. Additionally, if you have a financial planner who is well-versed in Life Plan contracts, he/she should also be able to help. Financial planning guides are another resource to help guide you through the maze of financial planning and help you consider your future needs and financial situation. You can request a free financial planning guide here to help you and your family plan ahead for your retirement needs. 

Discover Your Possibilities
If you are considering a Life Plan Community but feel that you are not quite ready to make the move, then it could be helpful to think about what “not ready” means for you. Addressing the underlying reasons sooner rather than later helps assure that you keep your options open and could spur important conversations about what is ultimately best for your long-term situation.

As you consider if you’re ready for a move, Christwood is here to help you discover all of the possibilities with your ideal retirement. We’d be happy to show you around our community and give a glimpse into life at Christwood. To arrange a tour, please fill out our contact form here, and we’ll be in touch! You can also take a virtual tour of independent living floor plans here from the comfort of your home. 

We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook, where we share stories about our residents and staff and show fun community events. Plus, to get an inside look at the vibrant residents living at Christwood, take a look at Bob and Jan’s Home at Christwood television show. With over 20 episodes, you can get a real feel for the active and energetic neighbors you’ll meet around our community. 


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